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New Ride

May 30th, 2011

As much as I love my vintage bikes and doing vintage retro builds I could not deny myself any further the advantages and joy of riding a modern 29 inch wheeled bike with a modern drivetrain and hydraulic disk brakes! So I broke down and purchased myself a modern GT 29er. I always liked GT’s and I chose the Karakoram 1.0 for its classic mountain bike looks. So far this dream machine has been a joy to ride.

Check it out HERE

40th Birthday KISS Cake

April 25th, 2011

For my 40th Birthday My wife suprised me with this custom Kiss cake!  Over thirty years of being a Kiss fan, I finally got my Kiss Cake. It was a damn good cake as well!

40th Kiss Cake

Bad Brains

January 30th, 2011

If there is any band as mighty as Black Flag it is the Bad Brains. The Bad Brains music is the best in the world IMO. I’ve been fortunate to see them twice but unfortunatly none of their early years gigs, not that the Bad Brains aren’t incredible still to this day but they were so young then and so very explosive physically! I can only imagine how mind boggling it would of been to see them for the first time in the late 70′s! Bands can inspire people in different ways, for example Kiss may inspire you to be famous or Metallica may inspire you to be a guitar player and Bad Brains would inspire you to create incredible music.

The 3D-Invisibles

January 29th, 2011

One of the great bands to come out of Detroit! I was not into their music back in the day and so I did not attend any of their early gigs Unfortunatly.  The 3D-Invisibles put out some of the best flyers! Aside from the Pettibon flyers the 3D’s are my favorite and further more the 3D’s have the best album art! The Flyers they put out in the 80′s in Detroit were on thick colored stock and they often would print on both sides.

My Punk Flyers – 1980′s

January 23rd, 2011

Here is my flyer collection from the 80′s.
These flyers along with other SST posters, blacklight posters, drawings and graffiti covered my bedroom walls thru the 80′s.
In the process of trying to locate my old ticket stubs to add with my new collection from the past couple years, I came across my old flyer collection. So I spent the early afternoon today scanning images. With the exception of the Black Flag flyers from California shows, these flyers are from the Detroit area shows from the mid to late 1980′s which I was fortunate enough to see a few of these gems. These flyers are for some incredible and classic shows that I would pay big dough to see today! Why I didn’t attend every single one of them back then blows me away and I can only imaging was cuz I was very young, no car, no money.

One of the few shows I did attend from these group of flyers was the Suicidal Tendencies show at the Ritz on a Monday, which to this day is one of the very best shows I have ever attended, It was such a good time! It was during their Join the Army Tour when ST was still very punk and still looked very punk. It was the most intimate, explosive show! I say intimate too because if anyone remembers the Ritz (later called the Palladium) know it was a fairly large venue, but what most didn’t know was that the Ritz had a flexible partition wall that could slide out to close off half of the venue. They had this partition in use for the ST show and is the only time I have ever seen them use it there. So you had to enter from the rear also, and with the partition in place the venue was tiny and the place exploded! It was a incredible set and Mike shook everyones hand as we exited the Ritz. I told him it was a freakin awesome show when I shook his hand!!  I saw Suicidal the following year at St. Andrews and it wasn’t anywhere near as good as the Ritz show, which I very obnoxiously voiced my opinion over but I’ll save that for another story. The Ritz show for me is one of those experiences that you treasure, or take pride in having. Like getting to see a pre-Henry Rollins Black Flag show. Or original DeadKennedys line-up, or how about witnessing Bad Brains in the very early 80′s!  Or one of my most treasured experiences, getting to see the original Plasmatics and meeting Wendy O Williams at Harpos. It was the Plasmatics reunion show and was incredible. I got a piece of the smashed hallowbody guitar, signed ticktstub and I still have my T-Shirt. That smashed guitar was no prop either, It was a broken , jagged, sharp with strings attached timebomb that was dropped into the frenzied crowd below. I can only imagine the torn and shredded flesh of the few that wrestled the guitar into possesion. I only acquired a small piece of the guitar myself that the bouncer gave to me for good behavior, a remnant that he grabbed from the floor.  We Miss you Wendy!!

The good days are not totally lost however. There are alot of the originals still touring! Infact 2010 was a incredible year for good shows. One of the best shows of my entire life was seeing the Meatmen in Roseville at Ghetto Rags this fall of 2010!  I got to see G.B.H. this past summer for the first time ever! Was F-in incredible! D.O.A. came, Meatmen Twice, Jello Biafra, Suicidal Tendencies, Negative Approach, Misfits Twice, The Queers. Coming up shows we have D.R.I., The Adicts, Lords of Acid, Mike Watt, Motorhead and even a Crass show in Chicago.  As for new punk bands, Goddam Gallows and Joe Buck Yourself are intense!