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D.O.A. Flyers

Thursday, January 20th, 2011 | Author:

D.O.A. Flyers

D.O.A. in my opinion is one of the greatest punk bands!  It was DOA’s music that got me into Punk!  Their track “Fuck You” from Bloodied but Unbowed was the very first Hardcore Punk song I had ever heard. I was like 13 at the time and I had never heard any band use lyrics like that in a song, nor did I think it was even legal to do so and the music was so fast, I was so hooked after that!  I’ve been fortunate enough to see DOA twice, once in the 80′s at Traxx, Detroit and a second time in the 90′s within the Shelter @ St. Andrews Hall, Detroit.

It was tough being a punk at those ages back then in suburbia Michigan but thats why it was so special.

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3 Responses to “D.O.A. Flyers”

  1. bassplace88 Says:

    Ok, check this out…I came to your site looking for those cute little boxes for my mSR micro heli. I see your flyer collection and see Detroit on one. I’m like maybe this dude is from Detroit, near my hometown. Then I wonder if you ever heard of the Greystone, where I saw my first punk show. The first flyer I read said Greystone on it! OMG! I can only remember the names of two bands that night, Dr.Know and DRI, I was hooked. I learned how to skank and pit responsibly not like the assholes at a Pantera concert! We were there to have fun, and when someone fell, you didn’t stomp on there hand, or kick them, YOU HELPED THEM UP! I was wondering if you had any info on that show(flyer or whatever)? Then the icing on the cake came when I read about Suicidal Tendencies at the Ritz in Roseville. I WAS THERE! You were right the night was magical. It was a peaceful night as they were preaching about how Suicidal were about bringing people together from all genres of music and lifestyles. Ie. punk, metal, hardcore, skaters and rockers. I had been slam dancing in the pit for quite a while, and was pretty tired…Then “Join the Army” started which was my favorite song off the new album! I feverishly pitted though out the song and when it was over, I dragged my overheated, exhausted, and oxygen deprived body into the men’s bathroom for some cool water. I felt sick to my stomach for a few, and thought I could die, but it was the time of my life! Great Show. Glad we can say we both experienced it. Peace bro!

  2. brainlab Says:

    Thanks for commenting bassplace88, out of all the spam I get from this site, it was nice to read a real comment! Especially one as good as your story. I need to fix my flyer galleries, the thumbnails all shrunk when I updated the script. How are those grapplling targets working out?

  3. bassplace88 Says:

    Sorry BL, I havent had the chance to print them out and try them, Ironically, I was thinking about them the past few days. My MsR has been in the “garage” and I put some of the aluminum upgrades on it, and now I have to dial it in still. I started adjusting the servo arms, and radio settings, and then I realized the swash bearing wasn’t seated, so everything is way off. Been flying my foamboard plane and trying to breathe life into my Hawk Sky. Also testing my new keychain cam and editing vids.

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