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Been Awhile

Saturday, August 05th, 2017 | Author:

It sure has been awhile since I’ve posted to this site. It took me several minutes to figure out my login too.

What have I been up to! Well I guess you can say I have become bored with web development, which probably has a lot to do with my lack of updates to this site. It’s been a while since I’ve worked on any graphic design or scripting. All my time and fun working with flash and as2 is pretty much worthless too since Flash isn’t even supported anymore.


2012 was the year of my last post here. So naturally I’ve been up to a lot since. The short version is ‘just living the American dream’. You know, keeping customers happy, raising a family, taking care of your home and trips to Florida. That alone takes up much of the time!


I’m still getting in some bike riding. Still have too many bikes! I have a itch to start creating some music again also, it’s been a while for that. I use to know over a hundred songs to play over my acoustic but can probably only remember a handful today.


I’ve returned to tabletop gaming several years ago as well. With the additon of several scratch built classic games under my belt. I have also started collecting classic Citadel miniatures again, mainly to go with my Advanced Heroquest games. Pretty much collecting all the old metal I wanted back in the day. As of 2017, tabletop gaming has become a huge industry again. Which is awesome because there are so many great new games being created! It’s pretty amazing how many new game companies have started up!

Unfortunately my gaming is limited to winter months. Between work, riding, gardening, camping and other summertime activities, I simply don’t have the time or ambition to get into tabletop gaming. So winter time is my gaming season.


In 2016 I got rid of my pop-up camper and purchased a new travel trailer for camping and have been going hard since. I try to go camping every other weekend at least. 2016 was a good year for camping with at least a dozen camping trips under my belt. We purchased a small bunk house style travel trailer that slept my family of five comfortably but was a little crowded for hanging out inside on rainy days. So the following summer we traided in our new camper for a newer camper with slide out and more interior room and I’m loving it.


Well, ta ta for now.



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