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Another Ride in the Stable

Saturday, September 03rd, 2011 | Author:

I have a love for vintage Parkpre mountain bikes from 1993 to 1996, the years when they used the Tange Ultimate Ultralight Prestige tubing and the titanium brush plating. Simply gorgeous frames with that ti-plating and low profile geometry. I also love the polished aluminum and the titanium frames from those years. So naturally I am always on the look out for these Parkpre models to add to my collection. I currently own my original 1993 Parkpre Team 925 with the Prestige tubing, Titanium plating and the hot pink decals. Also a polished aluminum 1994 Parkpre Al.U.Max with the purple decals.
Today I made another addition to my stable, a 1995 Parkpre Team 925 SS. This is basically the same frame as my 93′ with titanium plating but they switched from the purple decals to the blue decals. This was a ebay find and the frame is in beautiful shape. It is a complete bike that is converted into a single speed which is one of the reasons I chose to acquire a second Team 925. It comes with some descent parts so there won’t be much I’ll want to change on it. Probably the addition of some blue anodized parts and maybe switch out the red fork and rim and remove those aftermarket stickers.

A few of the parts:

•Cane Creek headset
•Thompson Stem
•Riser bars
•Tru-vativ crank
•Oddessy pedals
•Specialized seat
•Easton seatpost
•Surly 1×1 hubs
•Sedona tires
•Sunrim OLITE front rim
•Matrix GURU rear rim
•Cane Creek brake levers
•Shimano V-brakes
•Coolstop brakepads

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