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About The Website:
Since 2001 I have had interest with graphic & web design. I also have interest or find new interest in alot of other things, whether it be mountain biking, music production, reef keeping & etc. I usually end up putting together a website for something I’m into. The problem is having multiple sites for your many passions gets to be too much & neglect & data loss occurs. So I decided to just have this one site be the portal for my many interest.


About Myself:
Name: Bryan Scott Ostrand
Artist: Brainlab
Aka: Brainz, Brainchild
Location: Detroit, Michigan

Family, Music, Guitars, Computers, Technology, Mountain Biking, Vintage Retro Mtn Bikes, PC Modding, Flash Design, Graphic Design, Web and Application Interface Design, Papercraft, Reef Keeping, Punk Shows, Herptiles, Camping, Micro RC, Movies, Japanese Toys, Vintage Models Kits, Vintage Toys, Vintage Synths.

Musical Influence
This is a very broad scope but to name a few. Black Flag, Dead Kennedys, New Order, Kiss, Ozric Tenticles, audioCrunch, Depeche Mode, Moev, The Meatmen, Under World, Broken Social Scene, Bad Brains, Billy Idol, FEAR, Micheal Jackson, Beatles, Ed Rush/Optical, Prince, Babes In Toyland, Plasmatics, Atomic Babies, DOA, Brian Eno, Bryan Adams, The Police, The Soft Pink Truth.

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