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1995 Parkpre SceptorCOMP

Saturday, September 22nd, 2012 | Author:

Being a Parkpre enthusiast I naturally wanted my wife to have a Parkpre also. The kids too someday?  The problem is that its really hard to find 15″ Parkpre mountain bikes. I am always on the scout for Parkpre’s and especially 15″ frames. In 2011 I happened to spot a 15″ SceptorCOMP in awesome shape (female owner) on craigslist in Arizona for sale. For me being in Michigan poses a problem but after several emails I was able to convince her to have it professionally packed and shipped to me. She was such a cool person and I will always be very grateful! The bike arrived in near perfect condition along with the decals being near perfect. We did remove the top tube decals though for that cleaner look. We decided to leave it original with the exception of the fork and modern seat, skewers, tires & pedals.


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